The Garland Company, Inc. (Garland), a full-service roofing manufacturer and building envelope solution provider based in Cleveland, Ohio, announced that its StressPly® EUV modified bitumen membranes are now enhanced with the TripleBoost Advanced Weathering System, a proprietary additive blend that increases overall performance of the sheet.

“In 1980, Garland introduced StressPly, the first high-performance modified bitumen membrane manufactured in the United States,” said Ed Buczek, Garland’s Director of Product Management. “Over the past four-plus decades, our R&D team has relentlessly sought to push further in the strength and performance of the StressPly product line. Starting with the StressPly EUV family, TripleBoost raises the bar, exceeding the ASTM standard for mineral retention by over 200%.”   

TripleBoost is named for the three primary benefits of the additive package. In addition to the enhanced mineral retention, TripleBoost enhances thermal stability and limits the effects of asphalt degradation under UV radiation known as “alligatoring”.

Julie Geyer, Director of Research & Development for Garland, added, “TripleBoost includes process stabilizers, eliminating free radicals from the compound that can lead to premature aging. And the improved mineral retention, the membrane retains more of the surfacing that serves a dual purpose – reflecting UV radiation to keep the building cool and energy-efficient as it protects the waterproofing compound beneath.”     

Garland chose StressPly EUV as the first product in its premium membrane family to include the new additive blend. Said Buczek, “StressPly EUV was originally introduced in 2001, and has an outstanding reputation as our most weather-resistant offering, combining a bright-white reflective mineral surface with a unique rubber-modified asphalt and a dual polyester-fiberglass reinforcement that utilizes KEVLAR fibers. There is no better place to start with TripleBoost than with the outstanding weather protection of StressPly EUV.”

StressPly EUV, including the TripleBoost Advanced Weathering System, is available from any of Garland’s over 200 highly-trained, locally-based Territory Managers across the United States and Canada. To learn more about TripleBoost, click here.