In this episode of Dear Anna, Anna Anderson talks about finding your right customer. Understanding what their design needs are and how to empower their goals.

Do you truly understand your potential target customer? Do you need to shift from being strictly ROI-focused and turn to creating better experiences and more qualified leads? How your end user buys is critical to the services you're offering.

Anna talks about a recent example of what happened while she was collecting data for a contracting firm. The contractor had a number of potential customers in one area who spoke a native language outside of English. The contractor offered multiple language options when dealing with customer service from leads and saw exponential growth from that simple change to their marketing strategy.

Anna goes on to talk about taking the data pool, visualizing it and looking at the different personas available within the United States. This includes age, generation, social platforms they're engaging on, exc. These are all key parts of how design teams can acquire proper leads. Listen in to hear Anna also talk more about how architects can create quality leads through understanding their market more.

For architecture teams, sometimes this means understanding what type of environmentally-friendly products your customers are interested in. Sometimes, in a subset of an urban community, some consumers are looking for more sustainable building types. This information can be critical for design teams to know when they’re looking for communities and potential clients who align with their architectural goals and practices.