Dually modified wood manufacturer Kebony announced the launch of a new 1”x8” cladding profile for its Click-In Cladding™ System (CCS), the recently developed rainscreen system developed for the North American building envelope industry and interior accent walls.

Utilizing Grad’s Mini Rail system, which precisely locks Kebony cladding into place quickly and easily, this is the first 1”x8” wood cladding product in North America to offer true hidden fastening.

“Kebony’s Click-Cladding System was launched last year and is already changing how people think about fastening wood cladding,” Kebony North America Marketing Director Ben Roberts said. “When it comes to 1”x8” profiles, wood cladding will almost always bow and cup when trying to blind-fasten, which is what makes 1”x8” Click-in Cladding so groundbreaking. It’s the only product that combines durability and invisibility.”

CCS clips are factory-placed in position, so the installer simply nails the rails onto the sheathing or vapor barrier and clicks the boards on. The rails create a natural air gap so there’s no need to install furring strips ahead of time. 

Based on the desired aesthetic, CCS Mini Rails come in two different gap sizes and can be installed vertically or horizontally: 1”x8” with a narrow gap (1/4”), which is similar in appearance to a nickel gap profile; and 1”x8” with a wide gap (3/8”), which resembles shiplap. 

The CCS system features:

  • Clips pre-mounted on aluminum rails 
  • Uniform spacing for the perfect look 
  • Built-in air gap behind the boards
  • A true hidden fastening system
  • 50% faster installation time 
  • 100% recyclable aluminum and POM
  • No pre-drilling of the boards or rails
  • Up to 35-yr warranty on the wood     (Kebony Clear)
  • No maintenance required 
  • Fades to silver-gray patina
  • In stock, no custom milling required 
  • One board with two gap size options