The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is continuing its partnership with Andersen Windows and Doors this year to address the needs of architects in practice while supporting the company’s efforts to develop products that contribute to a better built environment.

“Andersen’s innovation and leadership as a building product manufacturer makes AIA’s decision to partner easy,” said Andrew Flank, AIA Senior Vice President of Sales, Events and Exhibitions. “Together, we can advance the value and visibility of good design in building a beautiful and resilient world.”

As an AIA Innovation Partner, Andersen Windows and Doors will provide support to AIA initiatives with architecture firms by creating opportunities for architects to learn about advances in windows and doors. Additionally, architects will provide feedback to the company about products as well as design and client needs.

“As a building products manufacturer, we take great pride and responsibility in the role we play helping architects achieve their design aspirations,” said Kristy Howe, vice president of marketing at Andersen and member of the AIA Manufacturers Council.  “The meaningful relationships we have developed with the architect community through AIA have helped inform our work to create resources, content and programming that deliver optimal value for the architect.”

Visit AIA’s website to learn more about partnership opportunities.