Next month, the roofing industry will show up with one voice to call on Congress to talk to them about issues of interest to the industry. 

These issues range from career funding and technical education to immigration reform, among many other topics that drive our industry. The day is Roofing Day in D.C. This year, the event runs from April 18-19 at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Since its conception in 2018, Roofing Day has accomplished great things. This year, the advocacy issues for Roofing Day in D.C. 2023 are:

  • Workforce Shortage Solutions
    • Immigration Reform, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and funding for CTE Perkins State Grants
  • Funding for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office
  • Support for the Main Street Tax Certainty Act

Each year, multiple industry-leading associations show up to Washington D.C. to help protect and enhance all of our businesses. Below, we've shared a few snippets from some of these associations to highlight what is also of the most importance at this year's gathering.

"SPRI attends Roofing Day because our membership sees the value of getting information on issues that are important to the commercial roofing industry in front of legislators whose decisions impact those issues. Roofing Day is very well organized allowing our time spent in front or legislators to be as impactful as possible." – Mike Ennis, SPRI Technical Director.

“Roofing Day in D.C. is a terrific opportunity to bring all segments of the roofing industry—manufacturers, contractors, distributors, and consultants—together to educate the new Congress about this critical sector and the key challenges we face. ARMA is proud to be a long-time sponsor and participant in what has become the premier legislative advocacy event for roofing, and we look forward to being part of this year’s program.” – Reed Hitchcock, ARMA Executive Vice President.

“Roofing Day in D.C. is an opportunity to bring roofing professionals together to make our voices heard by the nation’s policymakers. The annual event draws attention to important advocacy issues and highlights the integral role the roofing industry plays in our daily lives by ensuring the homes and buildings we occupy are covered with energy-efficient roofs that make those spaces safer and more comfortable. At this year’s event, the roofing industry will tell Congress that providing funding to the Department of Energy’s Building Technology Office is critical to guaranteeing that our industry, together with homeowners and building owners, have the tools and resources necessary to continue making buildings better places to live, learn and work. In turn, making our communities more resilient and our futures more sustainable.” – Justin Koscher, President of PIMA. 

""ERA members and leadership are pleased to support Roofing Day as sponsors, and also as participants. We climb Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress, helping to raise awareness of issues that are of critical importance to the roofing industry." –  Ellen Thorp, Executive Director ERA.

“Roofing Day in D.C. is an opportunity for the voices of our industry to be heard on Capitol Hill, by the decision-makers who craft legislation that can affect our businesses for decades into the future. We welcome this platform to focus lawmakers’ attention on the issues that are important to us, from the need to advance career technical education to teach the next generation of roofing professionals, to the importance of incentivizing construction of greener, smarter buildings. Also, like many industries, ours thrives on the success of small businesses. So we intend to vocally support the Main Street Tax Certainty Act to support small businesses, help create jobs, and strengthen our economy. Roofing Day in D.C. is the most visible way our industry can help shape laws—and change attitudes—about what we need to keep moving the roofing industry forward.” – John Doyle, Vinyl Roofing Division Chair and CFFA President.

“Each year the SPFA participates in Roofing Day as it is an important industry-wide effort to influence key legislators in Washington DC and, ultimately, to protect and enhance the ability of our members to conduct the business of spray foam roofing. We are aligned with the NRCA’s designated focus topics for this year’s event which include various solutions to the ongoing workforce shortage, support for the Main Street Tax Certainty Act and funding for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office. We look forward to seeing everyone in D.C.” – Rick Duncan, Executive Director of the SPFA.

If you’re interested in learning more about what to expect at this year’s Roofing Day, visit Registration closes April 5. If there’s a specific advocacy issue you think should be highlighted during this year’s event—we want to hear more about it! Email me directly at