Our Winter 2023 issue is here! In our opening Editor's Note, we discuss the ongoing issue of how to properly dispose and limit construction waste. Recently, Lendlease, Rubicon Technologies, Inc., Mycocycle, and Rockwood Sustainable Solutions, announced the completion of a successfully partnered pilot involving used asphalt shingles, mushrooms, and mycoremediation technology to reduce construction and demolition waste in order to produce a sustainable and reusable product to further create a more circular economy.

Browse our issue to learn more about this groundbreaking testing, and to read about our other topics, including designing for the extremes with lightning protection systems, next generation spray foam addressing climate concerns, and understanding the very severe hail designation.

We've covered a wide range of roofing and waterproofing design topics in this issue. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above mentioned study, and if there are other innovative testing measures going on in the industry. 

Feel free to email me at lewisl@bnpmedia.com to continue the conversation. 

For now, enjoy our Winter 2023 eMagazine.