Bendheim, the architectural glass company, has announced the introduction of TurnKey™ Fusion™ Light Wall, a complete solution for interior glass cladding that combines uniform, integrated lighting with easy installation and a slim, space-saving design.

TurnKey Fusion Light Wall builds on the success of Bendheim’s TurnKey system for mechanical attachment of interior glass cladding. With TurnKey, glass panels are mounted with a simple system of rails and “keys” (one-inch clips that turn like a key to lock the glass into place). Contractors need only the familiar tools in their bags, with no special installation training required.  

Now, TurnKey Fusion provides a completely integrated solution for even, shadow-free backlighting, with Bendheim’s new Fusion LED panels built right into the attachment system. Available in a variety of color temperatures, the Fusion LEDs are specifically designed to provide exceptionally even illumination for glass cladding. Designers also have the option of using Bendheim’s new LE’Diffusion Safety Glass, specifically engineered for even dispersion of LED light. Able to accommodate panels up to 8 feet in height for floor-to-ceiling illumination, the entire TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system is UL listed.  


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The UL-listed TurnKey™ Fusion™ Light Wall system integrates LED lighting directly into the attachment system for interior glass cladding while maintaining a minimal footprint.  

While providing a complete technical infrastructure for backlit applications, the TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system also meets designers’ needs for aesthetic flexibility.  The entire attachment system requires minimal space, standing only 2 1/16” from the wall, thus preserving room for other design objectives. TurnKey Fusion Light can be used to mount any kind of interior glass cladding from Bendheim’s extensive interior portfolio, including etched, textured, laminated, or digitally printed glass or dry-erase glass marker boards as well as LE’Diffusion glass.  In some cases, designers can elect to add images or patterns after installing the glass, though the use of graphic film.  If building systems behind the glass need to be serviced, or if future needs change, the glass panels can be demounted with ease.  

The TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system enables Bendheim to partner with architects and installers to provide a true all-in-one “turnkey” solution for backlit glass cladding designs.  In addition to providing panels of the selected glass, Fusion LED lighting, and a complete mechanical attachment system (tracks, keys, and cover plates in any RAL color), Bendheim can provide shop drawings, wiring diagrams, engineering calculations, a portable testing unit for the light panels, along with additional technical support. Bendheim’s capabilities include the ability to provide highly accurate IES files which measure light from the surface of the glass, rather than the surface of the LED. 

Said Elieh, Bendheim’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, expressed his pride in Bendheim’s advances: “The TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system allows us to provide our customers with a complete solution for backlit glass cladding, eliminating many of the usual sources of stress and frustration. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than solving problems for our partners in design, at every step along the way from vision through complete execution.”

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