Nova USA Wood’s new ExoDek® and ExoClad® QuickClip® hidden fastening systems for decking and siding captured the widespread interest of builders, contractors, architects and developers attending the 2022 Los Angeles Build Expo. This was due to each system’s unique and patented ability to expand and contract with wood and composite products, which naturally swell and shrink as the moisture and humidity levels rise and fall throughout the changing seasons. 

“Wood siding and decking typically expand and contract throughout the year in most climates,” said Keaton Smith, the company’s wood systems product manager. “Our ExoDek hidden deck fasteners and ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips respond naturally to this swelling and shrinkage by compressing to absorb the expansion. When the wood dries, the hidden fastener systems resiliently move the boards back into place, centered perfectly, and securely fastened to the structure. 

“Another benefit appreciated by builders is the ability to fasten our deck clips top-down and directly into the joists to eliminate the need to pre-drill. This contrasts with other systems that are fastened through the boards at an angle and require pre-drilling. As a result, our ExoDek QuickClips enable the install of multiple rows of decking simultaneously to greatly reduce the installation times for most projects,” added Smith.  

The ExoDek and ExoClad QuickClips were developed to provide air gaps between the wood and their respective substrates. This includes the ¾” air gap set by the ExoClad siding clips, which eliminates the need to purchase and install furring strips. Likewise, the ExoDek clips are designed to lift the decking 1/8” off the joists to reduce the contact between the decking and the framing, which is often an area subjected to rot or water damage. 

Easy to install, both sets of clips were designed with glass fiber reinforced Nylon (Polyamide 6/6) after years of scientific testing to ensure the long-term structural integrity of high-end decking and siding projects. This includes applications designed with everything from PVC and composites to tropical hardwoods like Yellow Balau, Batu, Ipe and Cumaru and softwoods such as Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir. 

In addition to these hidden fastening systems, Nova USA Wood also showcased numerous other high-quality accessories and products at Build Expo 2022. Included among these Real Wood Solutions were the company’s:

  • ExoShield Exterior Wood Stains. Nova USA Wood recently enhanced the formulation of its Tung oil-based wood stain to increase the color retention of the entire ExoShield line of products by 30 percent. This is in addition to the benefits provided through their proprietary blend of Tung oil, UV blockers and trans-oxide pigments, which reduce checking and cupping; delay graying; protect both soft- and hardwood products from water damage; and offer an-industry leading level of UV protection
  • Fire-rated Hardwood Decking & Rainscreen Siding. Nova USA Wood manufactures and distributes a full line of premium tropical hardwoods. Of particular interest to Build Expo attendees were the company’s fire-rated Batu or Red Balau deck boards and rainscreen siding systems, which either meet or exceed the class A fire ratings of the U.S. regions requiring the use of exterior wood decking with low flame spread ratings. Especially important in drier states like California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah, Batu outperformed the fire-rating criteria of higher density woods such as Ipe and Cumaru, while also exceeding the rating of other softwoods by as much as five times


For more information on Nova USA Wood Product’s complete line of Real Wood Solutions please visit the company’s website at or call 503-419-6407.