Steni, Norway’s leading stone composite façade-panel manufacturer today announced its Steni Pattern Generator, a virtual design tool that enables designers to preview “installed” Steni panels on a wide array of building facades.

“We have long offered a versatile range of façade surfaces, textures and designs for buildings of all types,” Steni Chief Communication and Brand Officer Jan Terje Nielsen said. “The Pattern Generator quickly enables a designer to see them all in a particular context.”

Steni’s Pattern Generator now draws from 125 different patterns including Steni Vision, Steni Nature, and Steni Colour, displayed at scale on the facades of commercial, multifamily, single-family residential, educational, and healthcare projects. It also provides close-ups of each panel’s pattern, easily switching back and forth to either view.

After a choice is made, the Pattern Generator creates a PDF or PNG download of the contextual image, to be used in design collaborations and presentations.

“With so many choices available throughout our standard product offering, this provides a simple, quick way to sort Steni facades for design projects of any kind,” Nielsen said.