The National Institute of Building Sciences is pleased to announce that Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) has signed on to be the organization’s 2022 Leadership Sponsor. 

Sponsorship officially kicks off in San Diego, during the first 2022 meeting of the NIBS Board of Directors. 

“We appreciate the financial support of industry leaders and champions of building science, like Tremco CPG, that recognize the power and resulting impact when owners, designers, builders, regulators, and academia work together,” said Board Chair Anne Ellis, P.E., Hon.M.ACI, F.ASCE, M.NAC. “Tremco’s commitment to building science is reflected in their research, testing and educational efforts that bolster their products and services.”

Chuck Houk, President, Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, said the company is excited about the opportunity to work with the NIBS Board of Directors as the Leadership Sponsor. 

“The mission of NIBS aligns closely with ours,” Houk said. “At Tremco CPG, we work to build a better world by developing technologies that improve building envelope performance, result in more sustainable and resilient structures, and enhance human comfort and safety. To that end, we continue to expand our state-of-the-art, in-house Building Science Test Lab, where we evaluate products and systems to validate performance, help establish industry standards and best practices, and educate industry partners on the capabilities and limitations of various systems and materials.”