Georgia-Pacific, a leading commercial and residential building products manufacturer committed to developing the highest-quality products while leading with a tireless commitment to innovation, has signed on as a partner in Chip Wade’s latest project, Pinhoti Peak. The project will feature donated ForceField® Weather Barrier System, DensElement® Barrier System, ToughRock® Gypsum Boards, and DensShield® Tile Backer, all time-tested, innovative products that highlight the ability of Georgia-Pacific products to offer comprehensive solutions for exterior and interior needs of a structure.

“Throughout all of our projects, we want to use innovative building products that protect our investment, tight timelines, and reputation,” said Wade. “We are excited to work with Georgia-Pacific and experience firsthand how their integrated WRB sheathing products not only protect the building envelope but save time and money during installation.”

Pinhoti Peak, a modern luxury home nestled in the North Georgia mountains, is designed to be a showcase for the building envelope, and Georgia-Pacific building products will play a key role: ForceField® Weather Barrier System and DensElement® Barrier System, both integrated water-resistive barrier and air barrier sheathing products, will provide a critical line of defense against the elements, helping to reduce the risk of water damage and air leakage and preventing costly weather damage, both during construction and over the lifetime of the home. Pinhoti Peak has just broken ground and is scheduled to be completed in early 2022.