Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) is pleased to announce that a revolutionary change is coming to the roofing industry. Construction has begun on CCM’s sixth TPO manufacturing line, which will produce the commercial roofing industry’s first 16-foot-wide TPO membranes. Located in Carlisle, PA, the new line will add to CCM’s industry-leading production capacity with the widest TPO sheets on the market.

Since Carlisle introduced a 12-foot sheet in 2001, it has been the widest width available for TPO roofing. Wider TPO membranes have been an ongoing customer request, particularly with the steady increase in adhered and induction welded assemblies. Contractors who use CCM’s new 16-foot-wide TPO can expect significant labor savings and improved installation quality because there will be fewer rolls to handle, more than 25% fewer seams to weld, and less packaging waste to dispose of at the end of the project. Reducing packaging waste is a key element in CCM’s sustainability efforts.

CCM President Nick Shears said, “The new 16-foot TPO line is another important milestone in Carlisle’s century-long history of innovation. CCM has always focused on bringing innovations to the roofing industry because these products offer significant strategic and practical advantages for our customers. The new TPO line is reflective of CCM’s continuing investment in innovation, our customers, and in the commercial roofing industry.”

CCM created the first single-ply roofing membrane more than 50 years ago and in 1998 was the first manufacturer to build a dedicated TPO roofing membrane line. Since then, TPO has become the most widely used single-ply roofing membrane in the world and remains the fastest-growing segment of the commercial roofing industry. Carlisle’s other TPO innovations include the first 12-foot-wide TPO membrane, TPO with APEEL™ Protective Film, and TPO with Self-Adhering Technology.

The construction project is underway, with production of 16-foot-wide TPO to begin in early 2022. The new manufacturing line will create dozens of jobs for residents of Carlisle and the surrounding area.