Bendheim has supplied its double-glazed channel glass wall system for the interior partition walls at the newly renovated FlightHub office in Montreal, Quebec, by ACDF Architecture. The circular glass wall design is uniquely budget-friendly and affords improved acoustic and visual privacy.

Bendheim supplied approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of its Solar-textured, safety tempered, SGCC certified, double-glazed Lamberts channel glass for the project. The glass creates a perfectly circular interior wall separating the private offices located along the perimeter of the octagonal building from the collaborative spaces in the center.

Using the relatively narrow, 10"-wide channel glass lites for the curved wall meant only the frames had to be custom-curved by Bendheim. The 8.5-foot tall glass channels were then pocket-set into the frames. The coordination and installation was completed by DiVETRO. The glass is captured at the head and sill (top and bottom) – no intermediary vertical framing needed – creating a clean design aesthetic.

The light-diffusing, textured channel glass brings daylighting benefits and a sense of openness, simultaneously separating and connecting functional areas within the space. In the age of COVID, this became an unexpected design benefit. The easy-to-clean channel glass walls separate offices from communal areas, facilitating social distancing and concentrated work.

Bendheim’s channel glass offers superior acoustic and visual privacy. The 4.5”-thick double-glazed walls have an STC rating of 38, comparable to the STC rating of a standard 4.5”-thick opaque, insulated interior wall. The textured channel glass surfaces diffuse light, maintaining daylight advantages while providing visual privacy. According to the architects, the glass “has a magical effect when natural light pours through.”

Channel glass is well-known as a facade product through high-profile projects such as the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO, and South Street Seaport Pier 17 in NYC. Today, it is emerging as an innovative solution for interior walls. For more information, please visit