S-5!, the leading authority on metal roof attachment technology, today announced a 20,000+ square foot expansion of its state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Iowa Park, Texas, driven by global market growth in both solar and snow retention markets.

Wichita Falls-based, Anthony Inman Construction is executing the work under a construction management contract with S-5! corporate. The project also involves local area subcontractors, including GTO Engineering, Scales Concrete Construction, Parker Electric, James Lane Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and others.

“Steel erection has begun and the ‘skeleton’ will take shape over the next few days,” says Harry Carner, S-5! Vice President of Manufacturing. “The expansion will house a raw material warehouse and manufacturing.  It’s designed to allow us to continue our growth and actually free up room for current production―we’re bulging at the seams now,” he continues. “The architectural presentation to the community will be consistent with what we have already done on the existing facility.”

Current plans include expanding S-5!’s 43,000-square-foot facility to 63,000 square feet and increasing its solar power generation 60%. Beginning in 2011, S-5! renovated and repurposed the plant from an old Walmart store with retrofits of energy-saving space conditioning, lighting, re-insulation, office additions, security measures, architectural face-lift and solar PV.

“The city of Iowa Park made us an offer on that building that couldn’t be refused, and in return, we have created more than 80 new local jobs to date as our business continues to grow,” says S-5! CEO and Founder, Rob Haddock. “Iowa Park and the State of Texas understand economic development, and we are grateful and responsive to that.  It just works.”

Today, this award-winning S-5! manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-art equipment and automation to manufacture 100% of S-5! products. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards, every aspect of the supply chain is tracked, including lot traceability and Certificates of Conformance (C of C). S-5! uses only raw material certified to ASTM standards (sourced from another Texas company in Carrollton) and is regularly audited to ensure proper quality assurance procedures are followed. In addition to solar power, all scrap is recycled and all machining coolants are captured and recycled.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we have had no lay-offs, no furloughs, and have added staff,” says Carner. “S-5! continues to grow and expand and remains future-forward thinking focused on constant development and growth. This building addition will double our production capacity.