The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association has announced a call for presenter submissions for the 2020 International Roof Coatings Conference (IRCC). The IRCC is a premiere roof coatings event, and will be a gathering of prominent professionals involved in roofing and building sciences. The event will run from July 20 to 23, and will be held in Charlotte, N.C.

This Call for Abstracts is being released to professionals in the roofing industry, experts in building envelope technologies, green building, researchers, and the architectural community. Possible presentation topics include global market developments and economic data, sustainability and green building practices, energy cost savings evaluations, roof coatings formulation advancements, roof systems analysis, accelerated aging, plus input from end users on product application techniques and trends for roof coatings.

Individuals interested in submitting their research can contact RCMA Executive Director Daniel Quinonez at