Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has announced the launch of FX Rapid-Setting Mortar, a single-component, rapid-hardening, cement-based mortar designed for horizontal and formed vertical repairs where a quick turnaround with minimal downtime is required.

Ideal for projects on a tight schedule or a set budget, FX Rapid-Setting Mortar provides the increased durability, setting speed and installation ease of rapid-hardening cement in a formulation easily extended with the addition of an equal amount of washed nominal 3/8" pea gravel.

Concrete contractors are increasingly turning to rapid-hardening cement products as a cost-effective alternative to Portland cement. Since rapid-hardening cement does not require special mixing equipment, contractors can begin and complete work faster. Available in 50 lb. bags and 2,500 lb. bulk bags, FX Rapid-Setting Mortar comes ready to use with the simple addition of potable water.

Formulated with corrosion inhibitors, FX Rapid-Setting Mortar provides superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and is shrinkage compensated for a wide variety of field uses, including partial- and full-depth concrete repairs, on-grade and below-grade repairs, and horizontal and formed vertical applications.

“FX Rapid-Setting Mortar is a versatile formulation that contractors can use neat or extend with coarse aggregate for fast, economical repairs,” says Ryan Kaelin, director of Concrete Construction Products for Simpson Strong-Tie. “Easy to mix, easy to extend, and easy to use, FX Rapid-Setting Mortar provides high early strength for fast turnaround in the field to help boost productivity and efficiency.”

FX Rapid-Setting Mortar provides a total yield of 0.40 cubic feet per 50 lb. bag and an enhanced yield of 0.68 cubic feet per 50 lb. bag when extended with 50 lb. of pea gravel. For more information, including technical and safety data sheets and installation notes, visit the FX Rapid-Setting Mortar product page at