Henry now offers cost-effective alternatives to re-roofing as part of its Henry Restoration Systems portfolio. Developed to help extend the existing roof membrane life cycle, Henry Restoration Systems help restore the building’s roof without the expense of removing and installing a new roof.

Specifying a Henry Restoration System provides a non-disruptive approach to building maintenance, allowing occupants to continue their normal day-to-day activities during restoration. Simultaneously, it reduces landfill waste and associated costs, and contributes to energy savings by meeting cool roof requirements (based on the particular coating applied). The renewable warranted systems consist of options that are compatible with most roofing substrates, providing weatherproofing protection on low and steep sloped roofs.

“By choosing a Henry Restoration System, you are adding durable and long-lasting protection to your building, and ultimately creating an improved internal building environment,” says Lisa Santerian, senior marketing manager, Henry Company. “Not only do our Henry Restoration Systems provide a robust weatherproofing system for the roof, they also give the building owner and contractor access to additional resources and systems designed to maintain the roof throughout the life of the building.”

Henry’s liquid-applied roofing systems consist of Pro-Grade (formerly Pro-Grade Elite) coatings, primers and sealants. With three technology platforms to choose from – silicone, acrylic and aluminum – Henry provides coating options formulated to meet various environmental and structural needs. Most notably, the Pro-Grade 988 Silicone White Roof Coating has low VOC content, offers permanent ponding water resistance, is approved for rain water catchment per NSF P151 and exhibits proven waterproofing performance per ASTM D7281. Additionally, the silicone roof restoration system is available in premium and custom colors.

With the addition of the new Pro-Grade portfolio, Henry now addresses four stages of the roof membrane life cycle – repair, restore, recover and replace – offering systems solutions through the life of the building. Henry technical and product specialists are available to provide in-depth knowledge about effective maintenance and restoration strategy for the building’s roof.

For more information about Henry products, including Henry Restoration Systems and the available Material Plus and Gold Seal warranties, visit www.henry.com.