Pype, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) family of products for the construction industry, announced its enterprise partnership with St. Louis-based PARIC Corporation, an industry leader in technology adoption, for use of AutoSpecs in PARIC project teams nationwide.

Pype and PARIC have worked closely together to create a mutually beneficial partnership based on Pype’s strong BIM 360 integration to elevate PARIC’s focus on using technology to boost project efficiency. All PARIC project teams will employ Pype’s AutoSpecs as a standard for processing submittals. This long-term partnership stems from PARIC’s commitment to providing project teams with the latest technology to enhance jobsite satisfaction and productivity.

“Providing best-in-class technology inspires teams to find new ways to bring value to their projects,” says Andy Leek, VP of Technology and Innovation at PARIC Corporation. “Pype improves the quality of individuals’ experience and helps them get more out of BIM 360.”

Pype and PARIC both value the importance of software tools that easily collaborate for seamless data transfer. PARIC project teams leverage Pype’s integration with BIM 360 to provide project teams access to all data quickly and efficiently.

“Pype has integrated with several other industry leading project management platforms and they are easily incorporated into existing projects providing added value without tech complexity,” said Karuna Ammireddy, Co-Founder and CTO of Pype. “Integrations have and will continue to be a priority across all of our Pype products. We will continue to improve workflows as we partner with industry leaders like PARIC to build out more seamless and robust project solutions.”

PARIC evaluated Pype AutoSpecs on multiple pilot projects across project team metrics and management business goals. PARIC found value in the drastic time savings and the elevated project teams’ use of BIM 360.

“PARIC project teams expressed overwhelming interest in using AutoSpecs,” said Travis Byerley, VDC Coordinator at PARIC. “AutoSpecs saves them time, helps them understand the origin of each submittal, and they are able to get more value out of BIM 360. This helps them focus on higher priority tasks that provide more value to the project overall.”

After receiving strong grassroots endorsements from project teams, PARIC saw there was a need for an integration with Pype. The companies came together and brainstormed ideas and solutions for better project efficiency.

“Pype works as an enterprise solution,” Leek said. “We were able to introduce AutoSpecs quickly across a dozen projects to make forward progress. Pype helps us manage projects better while staying contract compliant.”

The benefits that stem from this partnership don’t end at Pype and PARIC, as both companies are invested in long term industry change.

“Pype strives to drive the industry forward by using patented machine learning technology to solve manual workflow problems facing construction project teams,” says Sunil Dorairajan, Co-Founder and CEO at Pype. “We worked closely with teams at PARIC to identify ways we could improve their submittal workflows, and they identified ways our technology could better address their needs. We truly have a partnership built on mutual improvement not just for our companies, but for the construction industry as a whole.”