ASTM International announced five $500 grants to university students to help with senior or graduate projects that have an ASTM International standards component.
The following students and their respective teams have won 2018 project grants:

  • Haoyang Chen, Drexel University, who is working on auditory-visual substitution devices for blind chemistry students,
  • Victoria Utria, Drexel University, who is working on a simulator model for training healthcare providers to perform cesarean sections in developing countries,
  • Shaswat Das, Government College of Engineering (India), is working on a project to incorporate ultrafine rice husk ash (URHA) into geopolymer concrete,
  • Haley Schappell, Rowan University is working on vial shield design, and
  • Kathryn Khaw, University of Pennsylvania is working on a soft robotic glove for assistive and at-home rehabilitation.

Students who want to apply for 2019 grants should submit an abstract, including:

  • Summary of the project goal,
  • List of ASTM International standards that are being considered to achieve that goal,
  • Declaring of intent to submit an application paper for publication by ASTM International on completion of project, and
  • Statement of endorsement by a faculty member.

Deadline for submission is Oct. 31, 2019. More information on project grants can be found at