SKA Consulting Engineers announced the newest service offering from its Building Solutions Group, IntegriScan+ electronic leak detection. The IntegriScan+ is a point in time, quality control Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) testing service that confirms the integrity of the waterproofing/roofing membrane installation. IntegriScan+ utilizes low voltage electronic leak detection (ELD) scanning equipment which is operated on a wet surface.

Leaky roofs are a serious but surprisingly common problem. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) estimates that up to 40% of all flat roofs will develop serious problems within the first year of installation. These leaks can cost businesses billions of dollars annually, with damage ranging from minor water stains and electrical outages to complete structural failure.

Just a few of the benefits and highlights of this new service include:

  • Tests 100% of the waterproofing/roofing membrane versus other "hunt and peck" methods
  • Tests up to 40,000 ft2 per day
  • Detects hard to see breaches
  • Breach repairs can be re-tested the same day
  • Minimal set up time; No perimeter wire required; No need to isolate penetrations
  • Audio and visual components for easy and accurate breach location alerts
  • Can be used for forensic testing of existing roofs
  • The most advanced, accurate, reliable, and cost effective ELD method available
  • Superior alternative to flood testing

Example applications are roofing/waterproofing systems for on-demand ELD testing, forensic testing of existing roofing, plaza decks, planter, pool, water-features, traffic coatings, below grade, liners.

This new system's advanced, patented technology easily and accurately pinpoints leaks by utilizing a mobile platform that isolates the test area and scans 100% of the membrane opposed to older probe-like sampling method. Using the roller/sponge, the system's technology can scan vertical membranes and is more detailed with wall junctions, perimeter details and membrane penetrations being tested electronically.