HDR has formed a new team that aims to redefine the future of the architectural engineering practice at the firm—and throughout the industry. This team is focused on promoting design excellence across the practice; incorporating sustainable and resilient design concepts into every project; and leveraging data-driven design strategies to solve the most complex issues facing HDR’s clients and their communities.

Using a collaborative approach to understand each client’s goals, the architectural engineering team goes beyond the traditional boundaries of engineering to provide solutions based on a holistic understanding of building performance, said Dave Kurten, PE, director of architectural engineering. The intent is to elevate a project’s vision to a higher level, as well as a more successful outcome.

Successes so far have included working with global infectious disease experts to establish engineering best practices for designing facilities for highly pathogenic diseases; dramatically reducing energy consumption at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Shirley, New York; coordinating the largest concrete pour in Philadelphia's history; and solving disaster-response challenges at the State Hygienics Laboratory at the University of Iowa.

Kurten, who was promoted to his new role after serving as managing principal of HDR’s Princeton, New Jersey architecture office, has selected Tom Ditoro, Andy Yosten and Vartan Chilingaryan to lead their respective disciplines within the architectural engineering team. Kurten is responsible for setting the vision, goals and direction of these disciplines, while also participating in strategic planning and implementation at a corporate level.

Ditoro, PE, is the director of electrical engineering out of HDR’s Toronto, Ontario, office. He is an ardent champion for the engineering team’s early engagement in the design process, believing it’s key to achieve flexible, thoughtful and truly integrated designs.

Yosten, PE, is the director of mechanical engineering out of HDR’s Omaha, Neb., office. Yosten is well-known for exceptional client service, in addition to his advocacy of innovation, sustainability and quality initiatives. He actively engages with clients to bring the latest technologies to the forefront for all projects.

Chilingaryan, PE, is the director of structural engineering out of HDR’s Los Angeles, Calif., office. He is a hands-on leader with a passion for delivering innovative design solutions with a holistic approach. He firmly believes that successful projects can only be realized by working collaboratively with all members of a multi-disciplinary design team.

“We’re excited to be leading some of the top engineers in the industry,” Kurten said. “Collectively, we’re poised to provide better outcomes for our clients, more significantly influence our industry and positively impact our communities.”

For more information about HDR’s architectural engineering practice and how it’s improving the human condition, visit https://www.hdrinc.com/architectural-engineering.