ATAS International Inc. offers a new brochure highlighting the Gaten Series of perforated metal wall panels.  The product name pays tribute to the Dutch heritage of the founders of ATAS; Jack and Nel Bus.  “Gaten” means “holes” in Dutch, and the Gaten Series includes a variety of hole sizes and placement combinations.

Perforated panels are being incorporated more often into the design and construction of buildings.  They are being used for architectural design purposes, passive solar shading, ventilation, acoustical solutions, and equipment screens.  The Gaten Series perforated panels are available in a wide selection of gauges, materials, panel profiles, and colors.  An aluminum substrate is recommended for all perforated applications due to its inherent corrosion-resistant properties.  

Six standard hole size patterns are available; from 1/8” holes up to 3/8” holes and from 23% open area up to 51% open area.  However; custom perforated options are available to fit any project’s needs.  ATAS also offers a single source package, including engineering expertise, structural hat channels and framing, corners, end caps, trims, and flashings.    

The new Gaten Series product brochure can be found on the ATAS website at or can be obtained through local ATAS product representatives.