In ATAS International’s annual project of the year competition, the Lot H Parking Garage in Wilmington, DE took first place in the accents category for 2020. The architect for this project was Bernardon of Wilmington, DE, and the perforated metal panels were installed by A&H Metals, Inc. of Newark, DE. 

Bernardon selected ATAS’ perforated Belvedere 7.2” Rib panels in Titanium colored .032 aluminum. The perforation pattern consists of 3/8” round holes with 1/2” staggered centers, and a 51% open area. A&H Metals assisted with the final details on how everything was going to be assembled with the perforated panels during construction.   

Chris Milyo of A&H Metals stated, “When you think of a parking garage, you’re probably thinking of a boring concrete structure. However, as you can see from the pictures, this parking garage looks and feels different. It has been fitted with not only ATAS perforated panels on custom galvanized frames, but also with ACM (aluminum composite material) panels and Greenscreens (welded-wire trellis system) in complex geometric configurations to add to its overall design. We are proud to have installed all these items. I would like to thank all the folks at ATAS, as this project was a team effort from budget, to build, to project award.” 

Parking garages today are so much more than ugly grey structures. Perforated metal panels are available in a variety of profiles, colors, and finishes. With the endless options of perforation patterns, shapes, and hole sizes, design aesthetics are unlimited, helping the garages to blend into the surrounding neighborhood, or stand out with bright, bold colors. These unique facades help to conceal cars yet allow for air flow required for parking garages. The perforated panels allow light into the garages during the day and block the car headlights at night.   

Perforated metal wall panels are ideal for numerous applications, including architectural design, passive solar shading, ventilation, acoustical solutions, and equipment screens. ATAS offers six standard hole size patterns, as well as custom options to fit any project’s design needs. Additionally, ATAS can color-match each side of the panels for applications where both sides are visible.  An aluminum substrate is ideal for outdoor perforated applications due to its inherent corrosion-resistant properties.