This week at ProCore’s Groundbreak conference, Hangar is debuting JobSight, our solution for increased productivity and accountability in the construction industry through the engagement of the Hangar Platform for robotics and aerial intelligence.

When it comes to buildout, there’s a lot of time and money lost in miscommunication. In a perfect world, your site would communicate about itself directly with you. That world isn’t here (yet) but aerial data gets you close.  

Companies desire to use big data to analyze successes and vulnerabilities of past projects and apply what’s been learned to the next effort. Aerial intelligence from the Hangar platform allows you to access, process and analyze this information at any interval—before, during, or after a project—and make course-corrections in real-time, with the whole team working off of the same data points. What your company desires to do with big data, Hangar can help make a reality.

Many people are involved in finishing a major site, contractors, subcontractors, finance, team-members, architects, stakeholders, investors and more, often hundreds or more have to communicate constantly.

Hangar delivers high-quality aerial imagery for analysis at intervals that allow you and your team to make adjustments not only over the long haul, but also on-site.

Make real-time informed decisions that will help you cut down on wait times and on time spent allocating and re-allocating personnel. Maximize the efficiency of transporting material and equipment. Access and share high-quality empirical information whenever you need to coordinate efforts—or whenever you need to make a point.

At the root, we’ve enabled the use of data analysis to clear up communication, and not just with stakeholders: Through aerial data, a site can tell you just about everything you need to know about it, when you want to know it. This isn’t just useful for monitoring, it can also help assess where to conduct predictive maintenance, reducing manual inspections and getting out in front of the unexpected. You can even use Hangar for safety training, or use the imaging to detect deterioration or weak points, which will help you make better decisions about maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation.

Hangar’s Perspective: Our Approach to Industry & Goals for JobSight
We believe that the power of aerial data is only as strong as the architecture behind it. At Hangar, we're focused on building a robust ecosystem of technology, including our proprietary autonomous flight control system, cloud processing platforms and a global network of drones to drive value from a combination of robotics, sensor deployment, visual intelligence and aerial data. The opportunity presented by this ecosystem is for industries to be able to take advantage of higher resolution data than satellite imagery, at lower cost, with fast turnaround, personalized to your site, at scale.  And best of all, industries can acquire data with zero logistics: No piloting, no training, no purchasing drones or processing drone data, just the insights in an easy-to-use interface at your fingertips.

Hangar is proud to be not just developing our own cutting edge-tech, but to be the center of an ever-expanding technology ecosystem for aerial data acquisition. Our partners in data-processing, computer vision, deep learning and more help us develop unique solutions for industry using all the tools available in modern technology. We’re developing a comprehensive stack for integrating aerial data into industry, and have built our company and systems architecture for long-term success with partners across technology. We’re here to innovate, drive new insights, and show savings at scale, using technology not manual torque.

We know data collection is only the beginning. Our clients need to be able to analyze, interact with, and present aerial data quickly, cleanly, and clearly so they can convey context and insight to team members, whether in the field or in the office.  It has to be easy to do and the workflow has to be as seamless as possible. Over time, this begins to add serious value to projects.

The technology that will jumpstart productivity results at scale has arrived: Hangar’s aerial data products deliver. We’ll help you prevent some of the biggest cost hits you can take in construction—after all,

Accenture states that today only 30% of large projects in the construction industry are delivered on budget, and only 15% of all projects are completed on time.

That’s how much money there is to be saved in optimization. Insight-rich aerial data, presented consistently, will help you get there, and Hangar’s here to work with you through the process. PwC estimates the market of drone powered solutions in construction at $45.2bn.  At Hangar, we set out to build the solutions to enable the productivity gains for enterprises to begin seeing the value of this market. We created JobSight to deliver immediate value to project-focused organizations in construction, architecture and development. Our development goals were:

  • Save client's time: Cut preparation time for meetings and presentations; cut down on the number of meetings you need; save time (and improve clarity) when communicating with team members.
  • Save client's money: Get a full, clear perspective of site progress and develop business insights for contract management, asset tracking, personnel, and more.
  • Improve communication: Enable telepresence for team members who can’t be on-site; iron out project management and communication inside of and between organizations.
  • Make it easy: Deliver fully processed data, either via our web interface or integrated into our client’s favorite project management platforms.
  • Make it last: Compare imagery and data over time, any time, for true status progress on micro and macro levels.

JobSight’s Benefits Hangar’s
JobSight Project Tracker is your team’s portal to visual records of your job site. You’ll get quick and clean access to site-specific aerial data and the information your team needs to do its job, and do it better. At Hangar, we know that a key factor in success on any construction project is Site Collaboration. Firms work with us to save meeting time, eliminate redundant communication, ensure teams are working with thorough, up-to-date data and enhance collaboration by connecting the field to the office in an established rhythm.  Progress meetings can be complemented by automatically captured aerial data in Hangar’s insight-rich, easy-to-use JobSight interface. Gather all your team members around you virtually, and keep them informed and equipped to verify their projects are on task, creating streamlined project management and a more efficient site. It all leads to less meetings, better communication, a safer work environment and true on-site results.

New technology is often expensive and time-consuming to adopt.  Drones especially, with hardware costs, training costs, legality, airspace concerns, certifications, software, data processing workflows and more, can be complicated to approach for many businesses in any scalable fashion.  

JobSight is designed to save time in your existing workflows, not add to your workload.  You get the insights, we handle all of the logistics.

Actionable visibility
Turn aerial data into actionable insights you can point communications, or when addressing key stakeholders. Scroll through time and compare site changes and asset delivery with your plan, and quickly recap that data in our interface for distribution or presentation.

More valuable collaboration
Whatever you need to do, whomever you need to communicate with, you’ll be able to offer wide-ranging, up-to-date, and accurate site information. All information in the tracker is sharable. Keep a history of project progress, pending issues, resolution, and final outcome, and get that information out to anyone on your team who needs it.

Ease of use and clarity
All captured aerial data is automatically sent straight to the project tracker interface, which you’ll navigate fluidly with zero compromise in resolution or information. The impressive resolutions of our aerial imagery (such as 2D orthomosaics and 360 Images) allow you to zoom in on fine details or pull out to get the big picture.

You’ll have the same user experience across every device, whether at your office workstation or on-the-go with a tablet or smart-phone. Data-rich job-site images fill your screen, and you’ll always have one-touch access to what you need most.   

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