The contemporary new home of Glidewell Investments & Insurance Group in Missoula, Mont. barely resembles the 1960’s concrete block structure that preceded it.

Designed by Eric Hefty & Associates in Missoula, Hefty created a design that met his client’s desire to present a modern, stylish appearance.  “They were expanding and wanted an impressive look,” according to Hefty.

Approximately 2,000 square-feet of RHEINZINK Flat Lock Tiles helped accomplish the goal. The .08mm panels were finished in prePATINA graphite-grey.

“I like the RHEINZINK material but had never used it before,” Hefty said. “The use of the zinc was an easy sell with the owner. I’ve worked with them before and we have an excellent relationship. The design drawings didn’t adequately show the beauty of the materials and everyone was even more excited when they saw the new building.”

To give the building greater dimension, Hefty designed unfinished steel frames on the exterior as an accent component with a steel wainscoating around the base. “Both the steel and RHEINZINK are natural and they fit together really well,” said Hefty. “I’m thinking of using them both on another project I’m designing. It’s a great combination of materials.”

Fabrication of the Flat Lock Tiles was done by RHEINZINK distributor and systems partner Sheet Metal Supply (SMS), Mundelein, Ill.  Installation of the panels was done by Sapphire Construction, Florence, Mont. “There was a good dialogue with SMS and the installer,” according to Hefty. “We used standard sheet sizes and there was very little waste.”

The 10,000-square-foot building is located in an emerging area of the city and qualified for tax relief from Missoula’s redevelopment agency. “The city approved the project as soon as we presented it to them,” Hefty said. “Zinc is a great material to work with. The patina gives it a life of its own. I think this is the only building in town that has zinc on it. I anticipate there’s going to be more as other people see it.”

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