With fall in full gear and winter fast approaching, Omega Products International reminds the construction industry to waterproof cement-based products with OmegaBlock, a one-component cementitious waterproofing agent.

OmegaBlock is used to waterproof basement walls, retaining walls, fountains and other approved substrates requiring a durable waterproof coating.
OmegaBlock may be applied over concrete, stucco/brown coat, CMU, brick, porous stone or tile, cement mortar beds and other porous substrates.
"The chemistry behind OmegaBlock is quite fascinating," explains Karine Galla, Product Line Marketing Director for Omega Products.  "It locks water out or seals it in by becoming an integral part of the wall. In effect, OmegaBlock creates an ideal protective coating for cementitious walls."
In addition, the one-component compound lines and seals pores and voids to correct surface irregularities. It also provides superior protection against dampness, moisture, or seepage.

OmegaBlock Features

  • Protects against moisture intrusion & freeze/thaw damage
  • Long life cycle with no required maintenance
  • Used above or below grade in variety of environments
  • Allows wall to breath; vapor permeable
  • Applied using a brush, roller, or sprayer (cleans up with water)
  • Low odor & toxicity
  • Resists positive & negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Single component, easy to use (just add water)

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