ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc.(ICP), formerly Fomo Products Inc. introduces its newest product—Handi-Foam High Density Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), the first low pressure spray foam kit in the market to use Solstice Gas Blowing Agent.

“The Handi-Foam High Density Spray Polyurethane Foam is a low pressure, two-component SPF that meets commercial roofing codes for compressive strength for polyurethane foam roofs,” said Zach Utz, Marketing Product Manager, ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc. “In our continued efforts to make innovations that improve, we are excited to bring the first low pressure spray foam kit to the market using Solstice Gas Blowing Agent.”

As the first ICP product introduced under the 3-Point Product Pledge, Handi-Foam High Density sets the standard for low pressure polyurethane foam products using gas blowing agents that contribute to a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). The pledge is the ICP promise to be a trusted resource, deliver the best experience and support the environment with all existing Handi-Foam, Polyset and future ICP products.

Handi-Foam High Density is designed to work in multiple applications, including SPF roofs, retaining the insulation value of the SPF roof and maintaining the roof’s seamless seal. This product is also ideal for applications where higher compressive strengths are required, such as:
•    Sealing around faulty flashings, vents or equipment
•    Building up low-lying areas where water pools
•    Repairing cracks
•    Patching roofs after equipment changes
•    Sealing pin holes in polyurethane roofs
•    Repairing Type A and B blisters
•    Critical seal or flash and bat in attics where foot traffic is expected

Handi-Foam High Density is dispensed using the Handi-Gun II, a newly improved dispensing unit designed to spray low pressure spray polyurethane foams (SPF) and pour-in-place polyurethane foams (PIP)

For more information about ICP Adhesives & Sealants, visit www.icpadhesives.com.