MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, has released a new WindowWrap Instructional Video on the proper installation techniques for the company’s line of window flashing tapes.

This step-by-step video illustrates the proper flashing steps and installation tips to ensure that the window enclosure is waterproofed correctly. WindowWrap is a family of self-adhered window and door flashing tapes to prevent the infiltration of moisture, water, air, noise and insects into the building structure. Each of the company’s WindowWrap products are highlighted in the presentation.

According to David Delcoma, MFM Product Marketing Manager, “It is not uncommon for us to see windows flashed incorrectly, which ultimately will lead to failure at these vulnerable areas of the building structure. The video helps to educate all installers of self-adhered window flashing tapes on the proper steps for a successful job.”

To View the Video
The WindowWrap Instructional Video is available for viewing at the company’s website, MFM YouTube Channel and MFM Facebook page. DVD copies of the video are also available by contacting the company.

For more information on WindowWrap, visit the MFM Building Products’ website at, calling 800-882-7663 or emailing