The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) is now offering some of its educational Technical Bulletins in Spanish. Eight of these bulletins have been translated in order to better serve the growing population of Spanish-speaking roofing professionals and building owners alike.

ARMA’s Technical Bulletins serve as educational resources that provide best practices on numerous roofing topics. The new Spanish-language documents cover steep-slope issues like algae and moss prevention, asphalt shingle recycling tips and the prevention of ice dams on asphalt shingle roofs. Low-slope and commercial roofing topics are also covered, including cold weather installation techniques and the damaging effects of ponding water. ARMA plans to convert more of its educational resources and roofing publications into Spanish in the future.

“By providing these roofing best practices in Spanish, ARMA aims to better serve both the industry and those who trust asphalt roofing to protect their homes and buildings,” said Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of ARMA.  “These new resources will help to expand our role as a provider of expert technical roofing information for the Spanish-speaking community.”

The newly translated technical bulletins can be accessed on ARMA’s website for free. When viewing the Technical Bulletins page, users can simply choose the Spanish language option on either the left side bar or top-right corner of the website. Visitors will be able to view both the Technical Bulletin webpage and the downloadable PDF in Spanish.

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