Steel Structural Products (SSP) announced that effective June 30, 2016, it will exclusively license and manufacture in the Midwest, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast United States, all USG Shaft Wall and Area Separation Wall framing components, including:

USG Shaft Wall System:

 USG Area Separation Wall:

-USG J-Runner

-USG C-Runner

-USG CH-Stud

-USG H-Stud

-USG E-Stud


-USG Jamb Strut


Offering the industry's first and most specified shaft wall and area separation wall systems for residential and commercial construction, USG solutions continue to exceed even the most stringent standards, ensuring the safety of the property and its occupants. For more information, consult the USG Shaft Wall Systems Brochure (SA926) and the USG Area Separation Wall Systems Brochure (SA925) on

Manufacturing will begin in both the Jeffersonville, IN and Birmingham, AL facilities, which are deliberately located adjacent to Mill Steel Co.'s steel service center locations. This enables SSP with the ability to leverage Mill Steel's processing services and freight carrier network, enhancing SSP's service capabilities and saving customers time and money. The strategic production positioning allows SSP to service the construction markets highlighted in the states shaded within the map below.

US regional map illustrating the exclusive manufacturers of USG Shaft Wall and Area Separation Wall framing components. To place an order or for more information contact Steel Structural Products at (812)670-4195, or a manufacturer in your region.

The President of Steel Structural Products, Scott Stuckert, said SSP is excited to expand its framing service and product portfolio through this partnership with USG and is looking forward to offering additional quality steel framing and accessory products.