Alchemco, a global manufacturer prominent in innovative subsurface membrane waterproofing systems, announced a strategic partnership with William Baker Company. Under this exciting collaboration, the William Baker Company will serve as an exclusive manufacturer’s representative for Alchemco, further solidifying Alchemco's position as a leader in the industry.

"We are thrilled to support our industry by expanding our journey alongside the William Baker Company," stated Mario Baggio, CEO of Alchemco. "Their commitment to nurturing customer-centric relationships and their standing as industry leaders perfectly align with our ethos of innovation and exceptional service. This partnership marks a significant step forward in bringing our cutting-edge waterproofing solutions to the heart of the Indiana region."

The William Baker Company's dedication to customer-friendly relationships resonates with Alchemco's values, emphasizing empowerment and ownership in each team member's role. The commitment to expedited responses, unparalleled support, and value-added services mirrors Alchemco's mission to enhance customer experiences.

"We are truly excited to join forces with Alchemco, a company that shares our passion for customer satisfaction and excellence," said Jim Baker, President of William Baker Company. "Through this partnership, we aim to elevate the industry standards while delivering unmatched value to our clients in  Indiana." 

This strategic partnership sets the stage for unparalleled innovation and customer satisfaction in the waterproofing domain. Alchemco and the William Baker Company are poised to reshape the industry landscape in the Indiana and Central Kentucky regions, embodying excellence and collaboration at its finest.