International social network INSPIRELI kicks off the 2nd annual INSPIRELI AWARDS competition for students and graduates of architecture and design under the age of 35. Attendants may enter the contest from May 1, 2016 until November 30, 2016 by uploading photographs of their work, visualizations or designs on INSPIRELI website and by nominating 3 of them for the competition.

Already after the 1st annual, INSPIRELI AWARDS became one of the world’s most successful contests supporting talented young architects and designers. Contestants’ works will be judged by 25 prestigious architects and designers from 6 different continents and by registered users of the social network. Only 50 best rated uploaded pictures will make it through to the finals.

The expert jury will vote for an absolute winner of the competition who will gain the “Wings to the Future” trophy designed by renowned architect and designer Bořek Šípek. The trophy with the winner’s name will be exhibited at the university he is attending for the entire year. The contestant with the highest number of INSPIRELI users votes, will become the winner of the public voting. The best contestants will also win valuable prices, including professional graphic software, which may help them in their future careers.

According to the organizers, there are over 1,000 universities teaching architecture and design all over the world. “In 2015 we managed to address more than 250 contestants from 45 universities in 25 countries, and that was only the first annual,” explains Ing. Karel Smejkal, Ph.D., president of the competition and co-founder of INSPIRELI. “Since all architecture and design students around the world have the same problem with their professional presentation, we expect higher number of competitors this year. There are not many chances to present your professional work to the world other than INSPIRELI AWARDS,” said Karel Smejkal.