Register now to join the live, Wednesday, May 4 at 05PM BSTUK time (12PM EST), for this one hour webinar to learn firsthand all about the new Revizto 4.0.

In this live webinar UK Revizto expert David York will introduce you to:
The newest Revizto 4.0 and how it can be used to maximise your ability to collaborate on your building designs and coordinate your construction projects.
To get the most value out of a project, Owners, Architects, Engineers and construction teams need to be able to work together. BIM requires a shared ownership of the design and construction process. The model itself (and the information embedded within it) needs to be commonly shared across disciplines and practices, each contributing their specialist knowledge and expertise at the right time, with the right level of information.

This is where Revizto can add value, giving you a way to easily export your model data, providing an executable program that allows non experts to interact with it, and creating a way to collaborate seamlessly without having to understand or be experts in design technology. Companies are decreasing their RFI’s by as much as 40% by adopting this simple plug-in into their BIM workflow.

Webinar attendees will learn and see:

  • General Overview of Revizto
  • The enhancements to the New Revizto 4.0
  • How these enhancements impact your role in a building project
  • Demonstration of Revizto 4.0 in action

During thе presentation you have an opportunity to ask questions to our expert in a typing chat format and get the answers in the end of the demo.