Company, Firm or Organization: Fontan Architecture

Name: Jorge Fontan

Location: New York, N.Y.     



ARW/WCATell us about your career

Fontan: I received a Master Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University after receiving a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Architecture from the City University of New York. I started working in construction as a teenager, and while doing construction work I decided to apply to architecture school. I am very grateful to have had the chance to actually build with my own hands for several years before becoming an architect. This is an experience most modern day architects do not have but historically was commonplace.

Before starting Fontan Architecture I worked for small and large architecture firms in New York as well as construction management firms on projects ranging from single family houses and interior renovations to large scale multifamily residential and commercial projects. Having a background in both architecture and construction provides me with a unique perspective on project delivery and the development of architecture.

At my New York City based firm, Fontan Architecture, we work hard to merge the client’s needs and sustainability with an individualized design aesthetic. We think every project we do should be different. I do not want a signature design "style." Every project is different and should be designed differently but the common goal is that they are all built well and sustainable while giving the client a space they are proud of.


ARW/WCA: Do you have a specialization?            

Fontan: Mostly I do residential work but I never wanted to specialize in anything I hope to work on a wide range of projects throughout the rest of my career.


ARW/WCA: Where did you go to school?  

Fontan: Columbia University


ARW/WCA: If any, who are your role models?    

Fontan: Anyone who works hard at doing the best they can at what they do is a perfect role model for anyone.


ARW/WCA: If you had to choose one to represent your work, what project would you choose?  

Fontan: I did a prototype design for a fiberglass house, I think this project represents my desire to think of new solutions to old problems.


ARW/WCA: What types of products interest you?           

Fontan: I try to do a good amount of research on new products and technology as well as the old products and technologies.


ARW/WCA: Where do you see the design/architecture industry heading?        

Fontan: The architecture/design industry in the 21st century is going to return to its roots in construction. Architects today are very interested in how things are built and all the technologies involved.