Green Span Profiles requested and received approval for its insulated panels installed using a new fastening pattern at several support spacings, effective February 24, 2016.

Green Span Profiles’ entire line of insulated wall panels earned Approval, including Infinity, Stucco, Impression, MesaLine, VeeLine, WaveLine and ShadowLine. It covers all Green Span panels of all widths, gauges and thicknesses. The spans covered by the approval are from 9 feet to 3 feet, and all spans in between.

The requirements for gaining FM 4881 Approval are quite rigorous. The test protocol models the dynamic wind event of a hurricane. Test specimens are subjected to 4,500 positive air pressure cycles and 4,500 negative air pressure cycles. To gain approval, the wall section must successfully endure the 9,000 pressure cycles and show no signs of cracking or any other signs of failure.

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting this FM Report,” says Brian N. Jaks, P.E., Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Green Span Profiles. “This allows for a higher wind load rating through the use of Fab-Lok back-fasteners with these products.”

The product will appear in the Approval Guide, an online resource of FM Approvals, as follows: Building Insulations – Walls and Ceilings (FM Approval Class Numbers 4411, 4651, 4880, 4881, 4882) and Exterior Wall Constructions (Class Number 4881).