ATI Decorative Laminates, the leader in innovative laminate surfaces for hospitality, contract and retail markets introduces its first MirroFlex perforated/acoustic decorative ceiling tiles.

“Customers can now add a decorative component to their suspended ceilings with the added benefit of noise absorption,” said President Tara Burgio. “It’s one product that takes the place of two, adding beauty while minimizing echoes and reverberations, and preventing sound from traveling to adjacent rooms.”

Unlike other perforated ceiling tiles which are flat and plain, ATI’s acoustic tiles are available with a wide variety of decorative patterns formed into the tile. “More than 40, three-dimensional designs are available to meet most traditional and contemporary design needs for commercial and residential spaces,” said Burgio. The tiles come in 2 feet by 2 feet size for lay-in ceiling applications, and are available black or white (paintable), both in gloss or matte finish. Any finish is available by special order.

These tiles are ideal for new construction, and can be used with an acoustical backer to achieve an NRC rating* of 0.55.  In renovation projects, they can be used with existing mineral fiber, eliminating the need to discard current materials, and providing a higher NRC rating* when used in combination. The tiles are Class-A fire rated, light weight and easy to install.

MirroFlex, one of ATI’s most enduring products, is a decorative thermoplastic panel created in three-dimensions through a proprietary process. Because it is thermoformed, it has deeply textured patterns that offer a great alternative to paint and other wall coverings. It can mimic wood grain, patinas and metal at a fraction of the cost.

Like most ATI products, MirroFlex acoustic ceiling tiles have a low minimum order quantity and are ready to ship in two weeks or less.

*NRC Testing Data is available at