The American Institute of Architects issued the following statement after President Obama signed an executive order establishing a Federal Earthquake Risk Management Standard.  

The executive order requires that Federal agencies responsible for the design and construction of new buildings, or alterations to existing buildings, ensure that the buildings are built or renovated using the earthquake-resistant design provisions in the International Building Code or the International Residential Code. These are nationally recognized building codes promulgated by the International Code Council, or equivalent codes.

“The American Institute of Architects has long been on the leading edge of designing buildings that mitigate hazards and reduce risk to the public during a disaster," said AIA President Russell Davidson, FAIA. "That is why we advocate for the implementation of comprehensive and contemporary building codes—which reflect the best science at the time of development about earthquake hazard risk—as one of the best ways to achieve earthquake safety to preserve the lives, enhance resilience and promote the long-term sustainability of communities.

“We applaud the Administration’s commitment to ensuring all federal buildings meet or exceed these building codes and look forward to continuing our collaboration so that we can increase the nation’s resilience to disasters of all kinds.”