A new report will be released on Wednesday, Oct. 21 by Clean Production Action and Green Circle Certified offering guidance for using their GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals method to meet the LEED v4 verification requirements.

GreenScreen helps manufacturers, architects and designers in identifying chemicals of concern and selecting safer alternatives. Using GreenScreen enables building professionals to meet green building requirements and choose safer materials and products.

The new report—“How to Use GreenScreen for LEED v4”—provides an overview on LEED requirements and defines terms that are critical for meeting them. Included in the Guide are directions on how manufacturers can get their Manufacturer Inventories or Optimization Claims verified for LEED v4 compliance. This verification will help architects, designers and LEED project reviewers more easily identify product documentation that meets the requirements of the USGBC. Most importantly, the how-to guide charts a four-step process for using GreenScreen to determine that products are compliant with the new LEED v4 requirements around building product disclosure and optimization.

GreenScreen method is widely used by businesses such as Hewlett-Packard, governments such as Washington State, and NGOs such as the Healthy Building Network in their Pharos Project.