Laminators Inc. has issued a new Dry Seal Installation Guide to reflect the most recent improvements and developments.  The new guide is a full overhaul of the previous guide complete with new figures and additional system information including product limitations, installation requirements, and so much more.

Laminators engineering department regularly tests and inspects all of their installation methods making sure they are as functional and practical as they can be — this includes taking into consideration real-life feedback from the field.

Dry Seal is a popular choice among architects and installers who are looking for a "deep reveal" look without caulk at the joints.  Laminators Dry Seal installation is ideal for installing their Omega-Lite ACM panels and creating a high-performance, pressure-equalized wall system that compartmentalizes the air cavity and allows for drainage and ventilation. This system reduces moisture-related issues within the wall cavity.

Laminators Dry Seal installation system has passed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 standards making it an appealing option for any project where fire resistance is important.

The system is also now large missile impact approved over exterior gypsum meaning gypsum can be installed on the first (2) floors of the structure as long as it is behind their Dry Seal system.

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