BASF Corporation announced the launch of DiamondShield, the first mesh specifically engineered to provide crack suppression and isolation in stucco wall systems.

“Cracks in stucco lessen the aesthetic appeal of buildings” said Peter Daechsel, National Marketing Manager, BASF Wall Systems. “DiamondShield was specifically developed to provide a cost effective option to reduce the appearance of surface cracking of new and existing stucco assemblies.”

DiamondShield is a balanced, open-grid, triaxial glass fiber mesh specifically engineered for use with BASF acrylic base coats as an overlay. It is applied over new or existing stucco (Portland cement plaster) systems and distributes stress across three directions, which improves the tensile and flexural strength of stucco. The result is greater crack resistance properties for improved building aesthetics.

DiamondShield is manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility in the US. Fiber strength and mesh pattern are key properties in delivering a successful stucco crack suppression system; our robust quality program ensures that these properties are consistently achieved.

For additional information about DiamondShield, call 1-800-221-9255, or visit