Viridian Systems of Tallmadge Ohio, a Sodexo Company has developed a variety of low odor, solvent free products for specialty roofing markets. Schools, nursing homes, food producers and especially hospitals have unique environmental concerns to protect patients, residents and sensitive products. In each of these facilities, the “Healthy Buildings” status can be severely affected by EXTERIOR Building Maintenance Operations.

Conventional roofing activity can generate noxious fumes, disturbing odors and environmentally harmful compounds. Providing solvent-free and odor-free roofing products is a safe and healthy solution. Viridian Systems provide complete roofing projects with systems that are Solvent-Free and Low-VOC for the benefit of both building occupants and the environment:

  • Modified Bitumen membranes in Solvent-Free adhesive
  • Single-ply membranes in Water-Based adhesive
  • Built-Up roofing assembled with Solvent-Free adhesive

Viridian Solvent-Free Systems offer numerous advantages: Low Odor (non-disruptive to occupants), VOC Compliant (environmentally friendly), Cold-Applied (ease of application), Solvent-Free Formula (low VOC release), Wind uplift resistant (FM, UL Tested).