In hot, sunny climates, keeping building interiors at comfortable temperatures for occupants and tenants, as well as maintaining temperate zones for sensitive, expensive equipment (such as computer system servers) can come at a high price. The energy costs associated with operating air conditioning and other cooling methods can be staggering in warm locales. This is specific to buildings that are not designed and constructed with energy efficiency in mind.

The solution? Design and construct—or retrofit—buildings in sun drenched climates utilizing Kingspan’s Cool Roofsolutions. A solar reflective Cool Roof finish can reduce peak cooling energy demand by up to 15 percent. This can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy expenditures over a building's lifespan.

Here’s how a Cool Roof works: The sun’s radiation hits the roof’s surface. Due to the reflective properties of a Cool Roof finish, the solar reflectance, which is the amount of solar energy that is reflected by the roof, is increased. Additionally, the Cool Roof coating boosts a roof’s thermal emittance, which is the relative ability of the roof's surface to radiate absorbed heat.

Kingspan Insulated Panels’Cool Roof roofing systems use high-performance finishes, available in a range of cool hues. These finishes improve energy efficiency and can contribute to LEEDSustainable Sites credits, along with requirements for the ENERGY STAR and Cool Roofs programs. Cool Roof rated solutions follow codes and green building programs, such as Green Globes and Built It Green’s GreenPoint Rated in California.

As required by LEEDcredit 7.2, Sustainable Sites—Heat Island Effect—Roof, the cool color palette for Kingspan Insulated Panels’roof systems is ENERGY STAR compliant. This is specific to highly reflective and high-emissivity roofing (emissivity of at least 0.9 when tested in accordance with ASTM E408) for a minimum of 75 percent of the roof surface.

Cool Roofs are also environmentally conscious. They are intended to reduce heat islands (thermal gradient differences between developed and undeveloped areas) to cut impact on microclimates, along with human and wildlife habitat.

The bottom line? In climates where the sun’s effects are felt the most, installing an energy efficient Cool Roof roofing system from Kingspan Insulated Panels reduces operational cooling demands, which in turn lowers a building’s carbon footprint. For more information about designing and building with Cool Roofs, please visit the Kingspan Web site.