As an integral component of the BENCHMARK by Kingspan product line, Flushglaze  window systems offer a modern look while providing design flexibility for architects, specifiers, and designers. Whether the building envelope features metal curtain walls or horizontal plane designs, BENCHMARK’s Flushglaze window systems are industry neutral and can work with any insulated metal panel (IMP) system or configuration.

Additionally, these versatile window systems are adaptable to multiple building applications, design opportunities, accessories, trims, and integrated profiles. This makes for a go-to choice for architects, designers, and building planners with projects of all shapes, scopes, and sizes.

Beauty With Benefits

Flushglaze window systems promote faster build speed since they minimize construction delays and the need for multiple trades. To provide the best thermal envelope and help reduce thermal bridging, window systems are located outside the building structure. Plus, the durable panels last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building, reducing operational and maintenance costs, as well as energy usage and carbon footprints.

Environmentally Attractive As Well

While good looks and high performance are two reasons to choose Flushglaze, another is sustainability. In keeping with Kingspan's ongoing sustainability endeavors, Flushglaze window systems offer multiple end-of-life reuse options. These are made with recaptured metals, and weigh only 3 pounds per square foot, which reduces transport and installation energy.

These adaptable window systems are available in two product lines, Flushglaze 4500 and Flushglaze 7500. Each of these products feature various sizes to meet architects' exact specifications and design needs. They offer a modern look to multiple building applications and can help reduce a building's overall demand for energy. Both product lines provide and contribute to the following:

  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Recycled, low-weight material
  • Eased construction/installation
  • Life-cycle benefits
  • Building certification and green targets

Achieving high style coupled with high performance is possible with the right window system. Learn more about how BENCHMARK by Kingspan Flushglaze building window systems can provide the look, versatility, energy efficiency, and sustainability your projects require. Visit the BENCHMARK by Kingspan site today for more information on the Flushglaze product line, and discover why it's the perfect complement to your building design plans.