YKK AP America Inc. (YKK AP) completes its line of window wall systems with the introduction of the YWW 60XT Window Wall. The YWW 60 XT is the newest addition to YKK AP’s enerGfacade family of products, and is designed to meet the most stringent thermal performance requirements. A clean design, fast installation and maximum design versatility make the YWW 60 XT ideal for mid-to-high rise building applications, particularly in the Northeast region and other cold-weather climates.

The YWW 60 XT window wall was designed to round out YKK AP’s robust line of window wall systems, with higher thermal performance and the ability to handle higher structural loads and up to 12-foot mullion spans. To accommodate a wide range of innovative architectural designs and applications, the YWW 60 XT offers multiple options, including:

●        Pre-glazed or field-glazed;

●        Inside or Outside Glazed;

●        Captured, 2, 3, or 4-sided Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) configurations;

●        Dual-finish capability;

●        A large glazing pocket that accommodates one-inch insulating glass or 1-5/16-inch insulating laminated glass, for projects with stringent acoustical performance;

●        2 ½-inch sightline for both pre-glazed and field-glazed options;

●        Fully re-glazeable from the interior or exterior, depending on the preferred configuration; and,

●        Minimally offset slab edge cover to closely mimic the look of traditional curtain wall, with room to insulate the area behind the slab edge cover to improve thermal performance.


“We’re thrilled to introduce such a versatile, high-performing window wall to the market,” said Mike Turner, senior vice president of sales and marketing at YKK AP America Inc. “In designing this final addition to our window wall line, our team paid attention to every detail to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving construction market. From incredibly high thermal performance, the ability to handle higher structural loads, and taller spans of glass, to a more seamless aesthetic, we are confident that the YWW 60 XT will support the needs of our customers and the industry for years to come.”

The YWW 60 XT features a U-factor of 0.36 BTU/HR/SF with a COG of 0.29 with standard one-inch glass. Thermal performance is enhanced by 40 mm polyamide isostruts, along with YKK AP’s patented ThermaBond Plus® technology, a pour and debridge system which enhances energy savings, and a patented process to prevent dry shrinkage.

For more information about YKK AP or its products, visit ykkap.com.