Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., announced QUIET, a sound reduction option for its line of interior metal Column Covers & Panels. The material is an acoustical grade thermoplastic applied to the inside surfaces of SAF column covers and panels.

 According to the manufacturer, the acoustical lining can dampen acoustic and mechanical resonance noise up to 75 percent. In buildings with open, or high traffic interior areas, acoustical dampening in wall panels and columns can be an important feature for reducing background noise.

The acoustical lining is made from recycled material, resists mold and mildew, meets both ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-84 Fire ratings, and can aid in certifying projects for LEED.

“Associated with its primary sound deadening properties, our QUIET option for interior building Panels & Column Covers helps create a serene and enjoyable environment for occupants,” according to Eliza Evans, SAF Fabrication Sales Manager.

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