Purify Mesh 30, a new product launched by Taiyo Kogyo Corporation, is the world’s first PVC mesh membrane that incorporates TiO2 photocatalyst coating for building façade applications. Birdair, a member of the Taiyo Kogyo Group, announced that it will carry Purify Mesh 30, providing it primarily for its North American customer base.

“The product adds another option to our available product lines,” said David Capezzuto, director of business development. “We are always working to develop new tensile membrane products for architects to choose from to bring their creative ideas to life. This is our latest innovation.”   

Design Benefits

Purify Mesh 30 allows for the design of stunning structures with the flexibility of membrane. This product can transform building façades from boring and flat to unique free-form curvature designs. It also allows architects to experiment and create beautiful lighting conditions with light transmitting through the mesh openings, allowing for the appearance of iconic structures from the outside, while maintaining high visibility within the building space. Plus, with a range of color varieties, including metallic colors, the freedom to choose any color enables architects to fully realize their unique design vision.

Low Maintenance

TiO2 photocatalysis absorbs natural sunlight (UV) and decomposes organic matter, giving Purify Mesh a self-cleaning element. When the natural sunlight irradiates the membrane, the stains from organic matter, such as dirt, decompose and are washed away with the rain. Required cleaning and maintenance of the product are minimal thanks to this catalytic effect.

A Green Product

The product is not only a very sustainable product, it actually reduces pollution. One of the contributors to air pollution in cities is the emissions from automobiles that include nitrogen oxide (NOx). As a TiO2-coated membrane, Purify Mesh 30 decomposes NOx through oxidation reactions and purifies the surrounding air.

Thermal Benefits

Purify Mesh 30 can be used over glass, creating a thermal barrier and offering relief for building occupants while still allowing in sunlight. For example, when combined with 10 mm float glass, white Purify Mesh 30 reflects 41 percent of solar heat with 22 percent transmittance. When using the product, visibility is much higher with the surface coated in black versus white.