Across North America, building owners, architects, contractors, product manufacturers and finishers have relied on The Valspar Corporation’s polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin-based coatings for 50 years. “Although architectural coatings from different coating manufacturers contain similar PVDF resins, the coating systems’ performance can vary widely. This is due to the proprietary formulations of each coating manufacturer,” explained Jeff Alexander, vice president of sales for Valspar’s coil and extrusion coating businesses.

“Unfortunately, it can be confusing for those outside of the coatings industry to differentiate between the resins’ manufacturers and the coatings’ manufacturers,” Alexander continued. “Any paint manufacturer theoretically can make a 70 percent PVDF coating, but 30 percent of the binder and the pigmentation are determined by the knowledge and expertise of the paint manufacturer.”

Sharing its architectural coatings expertise, the new technical paper describes how PVDF resin-based coatings are combined with the hardness of acrylic to deliver durable, superior-performance coating systems that withstand the test of weather and time. This educational document is available free for download at (PDF).

End-uses of PVDF resin-based, architectural coatings include providing high-performance durability for: metal roofing and wall panel systems; framing for curtainwall, windows, skylights and entrance systems; louvers and grills, soffits, fascia, mullions, column covers and more.

“Companies with a strong commitment to a weathering test program and to continuous improvements, along with a long history of performance and quality products, will ensure that only high-durability pigments and resins are used, and that the product performs up to the end-users’ expectations,” added Alexander.

Since its launch in 1965, Valspar’s Fluropon 70 percent PVDF resin-based exterior coatings have become an industry standard for both metal coil coating and aluminum extrusion applications with its high durability and large color palette. Fluropon coatings are ideally suited for long-life, external use on monumental high-rise structures and pre-engineered buildings that have exterior architectural products made from aluminum, galvanized steel and Galvalume coils, and aluminum extrusions.

Along with its proven high-performance coating systems, The Valspar Corporation supports architects and designers with its industry-leading technical expertise, color-matching and sustainability resources, responsive customer service and high-priority lead times. Learn more at