To meet roofing contractors’ highly requested need for obtaining faster takeoff data, Scope Technologies has introduced an even quicker way to prepare a roof estimate. RoofScopeX provides measurements of a structure’s square footage and pitch, as well as high-resolution imagery, all within a fast three hours of ordering.

Roofing contractors and subcontractors needed a way to speed up the estimating process. They don’t have time to drive out to a site, measure a roof and go back to the office to draft a report,” said Director of Technology Eric Hansen. “RoofScopeX saves contractors precious time with property owners and allows them to offer their customers an immediate baseline estimate.”

Available at one of the most affordable prices in the industry, the value of a RoofScopeX report is incomparable. RoofScopeX also serves as a powerful sales tool, adding even further value.

“Scope Technologies recognizes how competitive the roofing sales market is,” said CEO of Scope Technologies Jerod Raisch. “Presentation and speed of estimate can make or break a sale so we’ve specially designed RoofScopeX reports to be used as presentation pieces.”

With its clean, simple layout and clear imagery, RoofScopeX reports are easy to comprehend and are extremely helpful for explaining the scope of a project to a customer or potential customer. RoofScopeX reports are also available for multi-unit properties.

 RoofScopeX is now available at