GCP Applied Technologies Inc., formerly Grace Construction Products, is pleased to introduce PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing, an advanced flashing technology created for difficult detail areas and applicator productivity.

PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing is a fluid applied flashing that protects window and door rough openings from the damaging effects of air and water entry. It is fast and simple to use, providing numerous advantages to contractors and designers. PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing fills hard to reach places on existing and new construction buildings, fills joints and fasteners prior to window and door installation, creates an air-tight seal equal to traditional sheet applied flashing and applies and dries at 20mils, eliminating the need to calculate for water evaporation.

“We continue to focus on and are committed to new product development in the air barrier market place, specifically products designed with wall design and the applicator in mind,” said Eric Velander, Air Barrier Director of Sales. “We are pleased to introduce PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing as part of our PERM-A-BARRIER portfolio of air barrier products, an accessory that that enables the applicator to install window and door flashing with ease and confidence.”

PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing is a fluid applied, one component, membrane that cures to form a durable, resilient, monolithic and a fully bonded elastomeric flashing when applied to existing or new construction. The membrane protects against air passage and thus energy loss around window and doors, minimizing air and water vapor flow through a building. It is water vapor permeable; prevents moisture from being trapped in the wall cavity; fully bonds to framing without priming; creates strong adhesion to common construction substrates such as wood, block, concrete, and metal; is damp surface tolerant and eliminates need for joint reinforcement tapes. PERM-A-BARRIER liquid flashing is combatable with GCP’s PERM-A-BARRIER systems.

GCP continues to develop world-class products to support their air barrier systems. All PERM-A-BARRIER air barrier portfolio products are tested to the most stringent industry standard and have been installed on thousands of projects worldwide across a wide variety of climate zones.