GCP Applied Technologies, a leading global provider of construction products technologies, is pleased to introduce a new smart, online solution that streamlines the selection of the optimal Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fireproofing designs for MONOKOTE Fireproofing product for any specific construction project conditions.

GCP’s new MONOKOTE UL Fireproofing Design Selector is an online tool that enables contractors, architects, specifiers, and structural engineers to accurately and efficiently determine the optimal GCP UL designs, those with the lowest thickness that meet a project’s needs. GCP’s MONOKOTE industry-leading fireproofing material is used in commercial construction, from single story buildings to some of the largest structures in the world, as well as tunnels and oil and gas facilities. It's easy for contractors to apply and has over 60 years of proven performance around the world.

“We continue to stay focused on optimizing our offerings with applied technologies to provide increased value to customers,” said Michael Sheahen, Vice President Specialty Building Materials, Americas. “GCP’s new UL Design Selector tool is the first of its kind and provides numerous benefits to key stakeholders. Architects and specifiers can determine the appropriate UL designs to include in the project specification, while contractors can use the tool to identify the optimum designs for bidding and application. Overall, this new web-based tool eliminates the confusion associated with selecting the appropriate UL designs while increasing efficiency and accuracy.”

When using the MONOKOTE UL Fireproofing Design Selector users are guided through a series of questions allowing the system to determine the proper UL designs. Through the online tool users can get fireproofing information for one specific section of a structure or a complete project that covers floors, roof and columns. It also generates a PDF document containing all of the relevant inputs and UL designs that can be submitted to other parties to justify the designs that were selected.

GCP’s MONOKOTE Fireproofing UL Design Selector can be accessed on GCP’s website by clicking here.